Green Men Seats Contest

Ever wanted to sit by the box? Well there are now two ways to sit next to the opponent in the sin bin in the Burrard Roofing – Green Men seats for FREE!

#1: Refer some work to Burrard Roofing and Drainage via email at

- Pass some ROOFING and/or DRAINAGE work our way and just ask the client to mention your name and phone number or email. We’ll then match it up and you are automatically entered into the weekly draw to sit in Section 107. If you refer more than one job - the more likely you are to win. It’s just that easy!

#2: Find us on Twitter @BurrardRoofing and refer us some work that way. We can then contact you by email from there or over the phone. You can contact us any time locally at 604-986-1812 or toll free at 1-855-BURRARD.

- Let us know that the job coming in is yours and ask that referral to mention your name as well and you’re in the running! In fact, Twitter entrants have a far higher chance of getting in because they will have utilized not only the Twitter feed but email as well. The more avenues you can hit, the higher your chances are of sitting down low.

Every entrant will stay in the weekly draw for the rest of the Regular Season. Best of luck and we hope to see you soon for puck drop!

Four Major Green Men Announcements

The Green Men have decided to make four new announcements through Rather than bore you with some jargon about this and that, let’s get right to them.

Announcement #1:

The next Green Men night will be Saturday March 2nd against the Los Angeles Kings

Announcement #2:

Sully’s very successful autobiography Behind The Green is now officially available throughout BC in every Overwaitea Foods, Save-On-Foods, PriceMart Foods and Cooper’s Foods strores. You can still find it online anytime as well at

Announcement #3:

You can now get a FREE SIGNED GREEN MEN HOCKEY JERSEY with any deposit down on any roofing or drainage repair or replacement during the month of February.

Announcement #4:

The Green Men are now through six podcasts and have recently signed on with Cariboo Brewing and to continue the production of a minimum of four more casts. Podcast #7 set to be released on Tuesday February 19th will feature Greg Wyshynski, PJ Stock, David Singer of and Joe Leary of Team Radio. You can find all of the casts by clicking here.


Free Signed Green Men Jersey with Deposit

The Green Men and Burrard have teamed up to offer free signed Green Men hockey jerseys to those that place deposits on new roofing and drainage jobs before the end of February.

The company that has provided the best seats in the house for the dynamic duo is now providing even more than superior work to their customers for the month of February. With a deposit down, you can now get your own limited edition signed Green Men jersey. Sully and Force are the first ever inductees into the ESPN Hall of Fans and have been international icons since 2009.

With their final season upon us they’ve decided to donate a limited amount of their rare signed jerseys to Burrard for those who act fast and beat the rush for new roof and drainage repairs this month only. Whether you’re in Vancouver, Langley, Port Moody or Victoria, everyone is eligible. Thanks to our climate it may seem like drainage season most of the time but you can beat the Spring/Summer rush and get your new roof ahead of everyone else by calling now. This offer is valid for all roof replacements and repairs along with all drainage system replacement and repairs.

You can contact Burrard at 604-986-1812 or any time toll free at 1-855-BURRARD. You can also send them an email by clicking the blue box at the top of the screen or by pressing “Contact Us” in the menu bar.

Burrard Roofing and Drainage in Victoria, BC

Burrard Roofing has become one of the first Lower Mainland roofing and drainage companies to make the trek across the water and is now available in beautiful Victoria, BC.

Starting in February 2013, Burrard Roofing and Drainage will lend their expertise to the province capital. They are one of the first GAF Green Certified Roofing companies in Canada and will become the first one available on Vancouver Island. Whether it be sloped or flat, torch on or tar gravel, shingle or shake, Burrard is now just a phone call away for those on the island. You can call them locally at 604-986-1812 or toll free anytime at 1-855-BURRARD.

The company’s latest offer of a free signed Green Men hockey jersey for every deposit down will continue for the rest of February and will now also be available to those in Victoria, BC.

Burrard Roofing sits down with Sully



Well as it has been well documented over the years, Burrard Roofing and Drainage Inc own the seats next to the visitor’s penalty box in Rogers Arena. That much we know. How are they involved with The Green Men though? Was it just a coincidence or were Force and Sully once an integral part of the company?

The answer to these questions and many more are answered in Ryan “Sully” Sullivan’s Behind The Green – Part One.

Sully was generous enough to answer a few of our questions, here’s the interview…

Burrard Roofing: Sully how have the past few weeks been for you?

Ryan “Sully” Sullivan: These past few weeks have been absolutely insane! I haven’t had a minute to catch my breathe and let this all sink in but it’s been very exciting. Every day something new is happening. Whether it’s a new signing or another stop on the press circuit. I’ve had a lot of fun.

Burrard Roofing: What has been the most fun part so far since the book was released?

Ryan “Sully” Sullivan: It’s been extremely tough launching, promoting and selling books. I’m a first time author and it’s been a giant learning curve but one that I’ve really enjoyed. I’d have to say the funnest part has been the press circuit. I love the signings and I love meeting the fans but the circuit has been a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed the in-studio interviews the most. Team 1410, Rock 101, The Peak, Global TV, The Rush etc. They’ve been a ton of fun and I love just letting loose on-air and keeping it random.

Burrard Roofing: You don’t like the phone interviews?

Ryan “Sully” Sullivan: I do but my last interview with the Team 1040 was interesting. I had a small grease fire in my kitchen for the first two or three minutes of it. I tried to let it figure itself out but then right in the middle of one my answers the flames got a little bigger so I had to go into crisis mode. I’ve heard nobody could really tell though, so that’s a plus!

Burrard Roofing: Are there any more stops on the press circuit?

Ryan “Sully” Sullivan: I have a big article coming out in The Province in a few days. Then I’ve got a few more stops planned before the big one in late January. I can’t say what it is just yet but if there’s no hockey games by then, this interview will be the biggest highlight of the year for me hands down. It’s going to be epic!

Burrard Roofing: So how is Burrard involved in all of this?

Ryan “Sully” Sullivan: Well Burrard has played obviously a very integral role in our entire tenure. Those seats by the box are theirs and they’ve been very kind to help us out over the years. We do have strong ties to the company and we’ve done a lot of work with them in the past. As for the direct tie though, there is a chapter in the book called “The Tickets”, so I’m afraid you’ll have to pick up the book to find out more.

Burrard Roofing: Where can people find the book and will there be any Boxing Week deals?

Ryan “Sully” Sullivan: You can still find it in a few stores around the Lower Mainland but it’s available 24/7 at You can also find it’s Kindle and Kobo e-versions on the site as well. As for the deals, on Boxing Day, we had the book going for 50% off. On the 27th, it was 40% off. Now we’ve decided to leave it at 30% off permanently. Though, if you’re interested, you can still get the book for 50% off with our Sher-Wood Hockey holiday promotion.



Burrard Roofing launches new site

Burrard Roofing and Drainage has taken things up a notch once again in the construction industry with the launch of

Burrard has served the North Shore and Lower Mainland for decades and has now become the first Vancouver-based roofing company to become completely accessible. You can reach Burrard any time with their new toll free number 1-855-BURRARD. You can now find Burrard online at and you can also reach Burrard their website at any time, day or night.

With’s new Click to Chat function, a sales associate is ready and waiting right at your fingertips. If you don’t hear back instantly from Burrard, you can leave us a message with your question and concern and we’ll get back to you instantly the following business day.

It’s just one more reason to trust Vancouver’s very first GAF Green Certified roofing and drainage company.

Vancouver Giants – Green Men night

The Vancouver Giants will host the Swift Current Broncos Friday December 7th at the Pacific Coliseum. They will also host two of Vancouver’s newest Hall of Famers (aside from Pavel of course), The Green Men.

The night will not only honour Sully and Force’s achievement of being voted the top fans in North America by ESPN and Stub Hub but it will also be the stage for Sully’s first ever book release.

Behind The Green – Part One will take fans on an unbelievable journey from the inception of the suits on December 23rd, 2009 all the way to the Stanley Cup Final and infamous Riot of 2011. The Green Men got to live the true lives of rock stars as they were flown across North America and became the face of international brands. Perhaps the best agitators in sports were able to ruffle the feathers of the NHL, Don Cherry, numerous NHL stars and the Boston Bruins faithful. Go inside the suit and feel the hostility in Boston, the pandemonium in Nashville and the trials and tribulations at Rogers Arena. The Green Men have been featured on TSN, CBC, Sportsnet, ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS and the BBC. Now is your chance meet the man behind the suit and relive some of the greatest moments in Canucks history in one of the most surreal fan-told tales of all time. The book also includes a foreword from Rogers Sportsnet’s Don Taylor.

The book will be available in the Vancouver Giants Team Store throughout the entire holiday season. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas and Sully and Force will be available on the concourse to sign autographs and take pictures between periods.

The Green Men will be honoured Friday December 7th before the opening face off at 7:15pm, so don’t be late!

For ticket giveaways stay tuned to the Burrard Roofing and The Green Men Facebook pages.


The Green Men sign with Burrard for 2012-13 season

Burrard Roofing and Drainage has signed The Green Men for the 2012-13 season.

President and CEO Wally Sullivan and Burrard Roofing and Drainage have been providing The Green Men with their penalty box tickets since 2009. The Green Men since have become beloved ambassadors for the sport, their city and country and now for a greener Burrard Roofing and Drainage.

One of the stipulations of the deal was that Burrard become as absolutely Green as possible. We filled that incentive by becoming the Lower Mainland’s first GAF Certified Green roofing company.

Sully and Force have not only made a huge splash in their community, they have also made a gigantic impact internationally. They were recently named the Grand Prize winners and first ever inductees into the ESPN-Stub Hub Hall of Fans.

They have also helped various charities raise over $15,000 over the past few years. They spend a lot of time working in the community and are considered leaders inside and outside of Rogers Arena. They are known around the world and Burrard Roofing and Drainage is proud to have them part of the company.

Follow The Green Men all season long on Facebook and on Twitter and stay up to date with Vancouver’s favourite fans.

The Burrard Plane

The Burrard Roofing – Green Men plane is flying high!

It soars thousands of feet above and weaves it’s way through the downtown core and around the Lower Mainland, the Burrard Plane is in flight!

Sully and Force have agreed to sign on for the 2012-13 season and we couldn’t be happier. They are the perfect representatives to show that Burrard is looking at a very  Green year ahead. With the Burrard and the Green Men at your side, you can sleep easy knowing that “We’ve got you covered.”



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