Environmental Initiatives

We care strongly about the environment, and have taken the following actions to help protect it:

  1. The use of propane and hybrid vehicles
  2. Propane powered equipment
  3. Cutting edge equipment- Including smokeless roofing kettles
  4. Burrard Roofing and Drainage is also one of Canada’s first ever GAF Certified Green registered companies.


Global Initiatives

We have also put forth a courageous amount of support for those suffering as a result of catastrophic events. Our work in this area includes:

  1. 2004-2005  -  In association with North Shore Adopt a Village, we at Burrard Roofing and Drainage helped raise over $50,000 to send one of our own carpenters to South East Asia to help rebuild ravaged villages. Money went to Komuk, a small island in Thailand. A fleet of 100 fishing boats were rebuilt, children’s schools were rebuilt, and libraries were restocked. A water catchment system was designed, and implemented and fresh water wells were installed.
  2. 2006-2007  -  Burrard Roofing and Drainage again sent one of our carpenters to Southern Sudan to assist breaking ground and constructing an orphanage. We participated in fund raising for the construction of the orphanage and are now raising funds with OBK and Hungry For Life, for the aid of ultimately 100 children.

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